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Colour Options:
Anodised Black, Anodised Black with Blue Inserts, Anodised Black with Red Inserts or Anodised Black with Silver Inserts.

Product Description:
The new and exciting HD Series range of lights offer a superior quality while having our known for looks and styling. They are tough precision CNC machined alloy with a non-chip corrosion resistant anodised finish. We offer a range of colour options so you can personalise the look to suit your 4×4. They are IP68 rated which means they are water, mud, and pressure cleaner resistant and come with a full replacement 3 year warranty. Rhino’s Modular light bars start at 20 inch however, can be expanded 10 inches at a time. You can add as many expansion kits as you require. This makes them truly flexible in application.

Product Features:
– The new Rhino4x4 HD Series light bar offers a powerful 10,000 Lumens of light.
– This light produces a true pencil and spread lighting that is smooth with no dark spots.
– It comers with heavy duty fully adjustable mounting brackets.
– Includes high quality DT electrical connector to prevent water ingress.

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