Ford Ranger PX Series Aerial Bracket Installation Instructions

Package Contents:

  • 1x Ford Ranger UHF antenna bracket
  • 3x M6 Hex nuts
  • 3x M6 Button-head socket bolts
  • 3x M6 Washers


Step 1: Un-install the mirror from car body by removing the screws from the inside.

Step 2: Detach the power cable of the mirror from the interior of the door panel; the complete mirror should be free to remove.

Step 3: Align the UHF bracket on the bottom of the aluminum casting of the mirror; the angled bend on the bracket is designed to sit perfectly and level to hold the antenna.

Step 4: Make sure the bracket is at a 90-degree angle from the ground. 

Step 5: Mark and drill 3x6mm holes in the aluminum casting to fasten the bracket.

Step 6: Clip and sand the bottom edge of the exterior plastic mirror body to ensure the bracket has sufficient clearance to sit when the mirror is bolted back on the car.

Step 7: Clip and sand the bottom-central edges of the plastic lining (flexible plastic sandwich between the mirror and the car body).

Step 8: Make sure to send the UHF antenna wire through the mirror to the interior of the car via the rectangular notch provided on the bracket.

Step 9: Fasten the aligned bracket with the provided M6 nuts, washers, and bolts to provide firm fitment.

Step 10: Mount the mirror back on the car, click back in the power cable of the mirror.